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Career Services

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Contact Career Services to get assistance with placement assistance

Train for the Career You Want. Get the Life You Deserve.

Career Services is committed to helping you find gainful employment after graduation. Whether you’re a current student, recent graduate, or alumni, you can always turn to us for help with your employment search.

There’s a bright career outlook for allied healthcare careers. Fitness & Nutrition, and Massage Therapy are all projected to have a higher than average employment projections between 2019-2029, whereas Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing fields.

Companies and government are increasingly acknowledging the role that fitness and nutrition play in maintaining our overall health.  Massage is being recognized as a valid treatment for many physical ailments (not to mention stress) by mainstream healthcare outlets. Meanwhile, healthcare is the fastest growing sector due to a large aging population, which is putting strain on healthcare services. More employees are needed to meet the demand that aging baby boomers are placing on our healthcare system.

With these excellent career projections, be sure to speak with a Career Services Advisor. Make sure to check job postings, which we frequently email to students. You can also check job bulletins posted in our break rooms.

Lunch and Learn

WellSpring brings in business owners for ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions to better acquaint students with opportunities in their field of study. This valuable opportunity allows you to connect with prospective employers in-person, and may even lead to job prospects.

Student Business Plan

As a WellSpring graduate, we want you to have more than just a license to practice Massage Therapy. We want you to graduate with an idea of where you want to take your career. Toward the end of your program, you will write and present a Business Plan to WellSpring’s Administrative staff. This will be highly effective in preparing you for your new career as a Practitioner of Therapeutic Massage upon graduation.

The purpose of the Business Plan is to give you clarity on your goals, and it tells us how to help you attain your dream career. You will research the industry in which you are most interested and gain information on the salaries, benefits, and how you think you might want to direct your training. You will be given a presentation table that you will decorate to showcase your Business Plan. WellSpring’s Administrative staff will then have the chance to offer advice and counsel. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to outline your goals for a future career in Massage Therapy!


Moving Forward After Graduation

Remember it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices in your field. Take Continuing Education classes to keep your practice sharp, and to remain engaged with your profession.

If you loved your WellSpring experience so much that you want to return, we will welcome you back with open arms – this time as an instructor. You must have 2-years of professional working experience in your field of expertise to be eligible to apply.

Keep in Touch

Once you graduate and start building your career remember to keep in touch! We want to see how you’re doing. Stay connected with former teachers and classmates – you never know who may have connections to help move your career forward.

As a valued part of the WellSpring community, we invite you to attend our upcoming events. You can keep track by following us on Facebook, and reading our blog.

Meet Our Partners

WellSpring School of Allied Health is proud to be affiliated with the following health and wellness businesses in Missouri and Kansas:

Learn more about career services at WellSpring and potential job opportunities for graduates! Contact Andrea Farquharson at 816-523-9140 or email [email protected].