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Erik Bertz, CPT, CES, NSCA, NCCSF – Adjunct Instructor

Erik Bertz, CPT, CES, NSCA, NCCSF, has been in the Fitness world since the mid 90s. With 30 years of experience as a gym owner, investor, educator and Personal Trainer, Erik has covered all aspects of this incredible industry. Erik started out as a gym owner, owning a chain of small town family fitness centers and then moving up to being a partner of a mega gym in 2004. During these years, Erik began to develop his own style of Personal Training that focused on the client, their needs, goals and even dreams. In 2010, Erik started Flex In Home Personal Training offering his clients an In Home experience. At that time, he was also teaching course work for NSCA and NASM curriculum. He spent 10 years in the education sector before returning to Flex full time. Now Erik enjoys training a handful of clients, focusing on event activity goals that he participates with the clients. Erik is a part-time instructor.