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Meet the Instructors

With over 30 years of history in the community, WellSpring is proud to offer students a full suite of classes in the growing field of natural health and wellness, all of which are taught by practitioner-instructors who are among the best in their fields.  WellSpring instructors provide students with hands-on experience and advice from the real world, giving students the tools and skills they need to be successful.

Kansas City Campus

Springfield Campus

  • Terrah Newberry, CMA-AAMA – Program Manager, Medical Assisting
  • Jennifer Holder -Program Manager, Massage Therapy
  • Hannah Hassani – Adjunct Instructor
  • Anna Abdelaal – Adjunct Instructor
  • Tricia Clements – Adjunct Instructor
  • Julia Clemons – Adjunct Instructor
  • Daniel Embree – Adjunct Instructor
  • Josh Inmon – Adjunct Instructor
  • Brandy Kaperski – Adjunct Instructor
  • Kristina Piccolo – Adjunct Instructor
  • Darlene Roberts – Adjunct Instructor
  • Sara Rone – Adjunct Instructor
  • Kaelynne Schuneman – Adjunct Instructor
  • Sheldon Slinkard – Adjunct Instructor
  • Amanda Smith – Adjunct Instructor
  • Kimmi Wood – Adjunct Instructor

 Wichita Campus

Lawrence Campus

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