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Diversity in Education: Video Interview with WellSpring’s President Don Farquharson


Diversity is one of the most important features that a school can offer its students. By supporting a diverse population, institutions provide their students with experiences to meet and learn from people they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with at school. Diversity in the classroom prepares students for a variety of people they will one day interact within the workforce.

In the United States, only 33 percent of African American adults and 23 percent of adults of Latino descent have college degrees. These low figures are due, in large part, to lack of diversity in collegiate settings. At WellSpring, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Don Farquharson, president and CEO at WellSpring, has witnessed first-hand how the school has grown and changed over the years. Farquharson said, “This used to be a massage therapy school and it was a 98, 99 percent Caucasian student body. Today, I’m pleased to say that we have a 30 percent non-Caucasian student body. It’s very diverse and we love it that way.”

The benefits of diversity are well-known. Greatvaluecolleges.net stresses the fact that diversity increases self-awareness, promotes creative thinking and encourages students to think about their future careers from a global perspective. Simply put, by promoting diversity on campus, students are better prepared to graduate and enter the workforce. As well, a recent Gallup poll found that students are over two times more likely to believe that their degree is valuable when they’re exposed to multiple different cultures during their academic experience.

According to InsideHigherEd, more than 60 percent of white or Caucasian students complete their degrees. While not ideal, that’s rather high when compared to the 38 percent of African American and 35 percent of Hispanic students who complete a degree once they’ve started. At WellSpring, the supportive and inclusive environment truly helps our students to succeed. With an institution-wide graduation rate of 85 percent, everyone at WellSpring receives the attention and support they deserve. With a student population that includes students from African American, Hispanic, Native American and various other backgrounds, WellSpring provides a quality and truly diverse educational experience.
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