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WellSpring School of Allied Health Announces Campaign #BestEdu

While most schools concentrate on their amazing instructors, students and programs, we want to commend everyone for shouting out to us on Twitter and talking about us on Facebook about how amazing WellSpring is and why they attend our school. Over the last several weeks, we have noticed an incremental increase in the online chatter regarding why students chose WellSpring! In response, we have launched a new campaign, #BestEdu. It’s about why we are different! We want you to tell us why you came here whether you are a current student or graduate – share your story.


If we were once shy about our bragging rights, we are going to let them shine now. Take a look at some of our achievements! We’re super excited to have aggregate graduation and retention rates of 78 percent and 89 percent average, respectively, and many students are proud to call the school a second home, but what else sets WellSpring above the rest?


Is it the passionate, caring instructors? The awesome, lifelong friendships to be found? Our state-of-the-art programs? We want to know! Tell us what makes WellSpring “click” on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can using the hashtag #BestEdu.

Medical assisting student
Virgenia Carter found her home at WellSpring when she decided to do something for herself. “The instructors are knowledgeable and the people here really do care,” Carter said. “They want you to succeed.”

One of our personal training graduates,
Lindsey Lewis, said that WellSpring helped her hit the ground running. “I really have enjoyed WellSpring because it’s not just any cookie-cutter program. We talk about not only just physical fitness, but we talk about nutrition, flexibility, meditation, and how basically all those put together make a whole body,” she said.


“These statistics trace to our
positive environment and our supportive and mentoring instructional style,” Don Farquharson, CEO of WellSpring Resources, Inc., said. “There aren’t any schools that I know of in the metro area that have these kinds of numbers.”

The school is also nationally accredited by
ABHES, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and approved to operate by both the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Kansas Board of Regents. The Personal Training and Wellness Program is endorsed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.