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Mixed Nutritional Messages

We all know that we should eat everything in moderation and throughout all of the different nutrition research over the years, one thing has always remained constant: an abundance of saturated fat in the diet isn’t good for our overall health. And the government and its health-related agencies have been clear in their message to eat less and move more.

Despite this, Dairy Management, a group with an annual budget almost $140 million is pushing cheese sales and recently helped Dominoes Pizza put more cheese on its pizza and heavily market the change. This group receives several million dollars a year from the Agriculture Department, which appoints some of its board members, approves its marketing campaigns and major contracts and periodically reports to Congress on its work, according to the New York Times.
As most of us know, cheese is high in saturated fat…so while we’re being told to not do one thing (eat saturated fat), we’re heavily being marketed to actually do that one thing (eat more cheese). What do you think?