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MTTI-WellSpring Welcomes MINH and BMSI Students

Two massage therapy education schools in the Kansas City area recently closed: BMSI and Midwest Institute of Natural Healing (MINH). The massage therapy industry is a small, tight-knit community, so the staff and faculty at MTTI-WellSpring was saddened to hear of these closings and to hear of students who were not able to complete their education.

While MTTI-WellSpring is working diligently to get MINH students the education they need here at the Kansas City campus, the school also welcomes any and all former BMSI students. Whether it be for our full massage therapy program, personal training program or continuing education classes, MTTI-WellSpring is committed to natural health and wellness career education in the Midwest. And we’ll help other students in any capacity that we can.