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Featured WellSpring Student: Becca Cook

Becca naturally gravitates toward fields that are helpful to other people and is most excited about being a WellSpring student to learn about the medical aspects of massage, the energy work and oncology. Her interest in massage therapy came on like a light bulb when her friend mentioned that she was going to school for massage therapy and suggested that Becca might like it.

Prior to coming into WellSpring, Becca had already had a 2 interviews with other schools. During her tour with Bobby, she was made to feel comfortable immediately and was thankful of being well-informed by having all of her questions answered in order to help her make the best decision. “I also really appreciated Amanda being so dedicated to helping me get everything taken care of in such a short time. I was actually able to start class 2 weeks after my interview.”

Originally from St. Loius, Becca moved to Blue Springs because of her father’s job. Since being in the KC area, she has taken an appreciation to the focus that Kansas City has on art and music by frequently attending local shows. In her free time, Becca enjoys reading fiction books as well as blogs/articles/anything that can help her learn more about something she is interested in.

When asked how she would spend her time if she didn’t have to worry about money, Becca said she would become a nomad and travel.