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Guest Post: The Benefits of Studying Massage Therapy

Today, we have a special guest post all about the benefits of studying massage therapy by Courtney Slivka, a writer for CirclesOfLight.com, which is a personal-development blog and web site.

Most massage therapists find their career to be both lucrative and rewarding. Massage therapy offers valuable flexibility in terms of scheduling and work environment.

Individual massage sessions often pay well, providing the practitioner with financial security. While these factors are certainly appreciated, many massage therapists find that their chosen career path provides them with even more deeply personal benefits.

Developing Self Awareness and Trust
When people choose to study massage therapy, they become lifelong students in an ever growing and changing field. As students learn technique, anatomy and theory, they also learn more about themselves. This holistic healing modality teaches its students to use their bodies in new ways in order to perform the different methods of massage.

Students also learn to find a greater strength within themselves. This internal strength allows students to provide the sometimes physically demanding massages with confidence and ease. Additionally, students develop greater self-awareness, self-trust and focus.

Personal Development as a Lifestyle
While students learn more about themselves, they also find that they learn more about humanity as a whole. As students work on each other, they gain a larger sense of understanding and compassion for their fellow classmates. As they begin to practice on more people, they find themselves more in tune with their own energies and potential, as well as those of others.

Massage therapy teaches students to become better able to grasp the wholeness of another person which in turn helps to establish client trust. As holistic therapists, they develop finely tuned problem solving skills in order to make each therapeutic treatment unique and effective.

Though these lessons begin in massage school, they continue as students graduate and take their practice into the field. Even the most seasoned therapist understands that they have potential to improve and grow. School merely provides the basic lessons and tools to prepare students for life in the holistic-healing field. The external world supplies the tests, time and time again. By choosing a career as a holistic massage practitioner, students choose to embark upon a life path of continued learning, development and reward.

A big thanks to Courtney for this thoughtful and true post!