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Massage Friends Graduate – Congrats!

It seems the days and months fly by. One day a group students are coming in for their first day of orientation and the next they are giving hugs of congratulations and shedding a few tears at graduation. Tears of joy and tears because they have created such deep friendships while in school, they hate to see it come to an end.

Congratulation to WellSpring’s latest massage graduates! Back row, left to right: Leslie Hammond, Tiffany Wade, Raleigh Graham, Deborah Hisle, Van Gabriel, Nicole Moore, Rebekah Keim. Front row, kneeling: Kendra Johnson, Lydia Boyd, Amber Quigg. The recipient of the Personal Achievement Award was Kendra Johnson. This award is presented for demonstrating outstanding personal growth, confidence, technique, professionalism, attitude and dedication.

I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. ~Author Unknown