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Massage Proving to be Beneficial to More People

A sepia toned image of a woman receiving a massage

A recent survey by the American Massage Therapy Association indicated that more consumers consider massage to be beneficial to one’s health than they had in the past.
Glenath Moyle, the AMTA president, corroborates these findings, saying, “These survey results indicate that more and more people are finding relief for their pain and other health problems with regular massage. We’re happy that people recognize the health benefits of massage and are integrating it into their regular health maintenance routines.”
The survey also revealed that the percentage of people who use massage therapy for pain relief has increased from 25 percent in 2010 to 31 percent in 2012. This also indicates a gradual shift from considering a massage to be a pampering technique to actually having numerous health benefits.
Since pain relief is a key benefit of massage therapy, the number of people who use massage therapy is almost three times as many as those who try acupuncture for pain relief. In fact, deep-tissue massage therapy along with yoga, Pilates and prescription medication were all considered to be treated as options as good as each other in the treatment of pain relief.