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Massage Therapy Student at WellSpring: Collin

Collin showed an early interest in massage therapy. As a child, he shadowed some physicians; he visited the town’s first Osteopathic Physician’s office, where they did their own bodywork. From these experiences, Collin realized that massage therapy could be a realistic career choice. While searching for a place to learn massage therapy skills, he first visited two other schools before arriving at WellSpring.

One difference Collin noticed about Wellspring was the lack of high-pressure sales pitches.  Collin felt pressured when he visited the other schools, and didn’t feel that pressure when he came to WellSpring. Now that his is studying, Collin says he is most excited to learn the science behind massage therapy; he wants to understand the “how” and “why”.

Collin enjoys a variety of entertainment including video games and hiking, as well as reading “the classics” and going to the Overland Park Arboretum to visit the Botanical Gardens. He also frequently visits the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts to see the Symphony Chorus.

“If I didn’t have to worry about money? I would travel all over Europe” Collin says. He mentioned especially traveling to Scandinavia to see some bands from that area as well as wanting to learn the language.