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My dream is ….

Being involved in helping people live their dream has to be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Being involved, on a daily basis, with the students at WellSpring School of Allied Health is, in a word, AMAZING. Some might think, “Oh you’re a Massage Therapist, great. You’re a Personal Trainer, go get ‘em.” Getting in the Medical field is a good call with the growth in the field. Then, something happens. You talk to the people living their dreams by getting an education in the wellness arena and you realize it goes much, much deeper.

For Massage Therapy you will hear things like, “When I heal others, I heal myself”, “Massage is my calling, people have been telling me I should do this for years”, “Healing others is a gift”, “I want to work with babies”, “This has changed my life”, and the stories go on and on. None are the same, but all are amazing.

Fitness is similar. It’s all about passion, but they are different. “Fitness has always been my life, so I decided to make it my living”, “I’m finally doing what I love”, “I want to work in a club, I want to do in-home fitness, I love teaching people how to be their best”. The smiles and the energy coming from these students are palpable.

Caring and loving people are the ones who get into the above fields, but it’s never as true as when you talk to a Medical Assisting student …they are truly amazing in their zest for healing. They have been inspired by other caring people throughout their life, from a Medical Assistant who made such a difference in their office visit or hospital stay. From their mouths fall comments such as, “I’m a mom, this comes naturally to me”, “I love the medical field and want to help others”, “With the population aging, there is more and more demand for people like me”.

This can all be boiled down to passion – passionate people, living passionate dreams. What’s your passion? What’s your dream?