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WellSpring Announces Its First Students To Graduate From Integrative Massage & Fitness Associate Degree Program

Congratulations to Curt Searcy and Danielle Walker for becoming the first students to earn WellSpring’s new integrative massage and fitness associate degree!
Curt Searcy
The degree, which was announced last August, combines massage therapy and personal training into an associate degree in occupational studies. The degree program is open to both massage and personal training graduates. Coincidentally, Curt started his training in massage therapy and added personal training, while Danielle started in personal training and followed with massage.
Massage graduates can earn this new degree by taking WellSpring’s personal training program. In the process, students can pick up a NASM certification as a personal trainer (CPT) and a specialization in corrective exercise (CES). Classes cover topics such as exercises science, program design, training special populations and more.
Danielle Walker
Graduates from WellSpring’s personal training program can obtain this degree by taking the massage therapy program, which includes the national certification exam in massage therapy. Members of this program will take classes such as Basic Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Kinetic Anatomy.