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Wellspring Expands Massage Therapy Program

Become a well-rounded massage therapist with Wellspring! In March, Wellspring expanded its Massage Therapy Program. The 162 additional hours are incorporated into the classes already offered so that more time is spent in each, giving students in depth understanding of every subject from anatomy and physiology to business practices. More time is dedicated to hands-on practice in labs and in the student clinic.
Students will be introduced to complementary modalities and practice tools with the addition of 4 new classes. In hydrotherapy students will learn about the many benefits of using water in therapy. In joint and stretch students will learn facilitated stretching to reduce pain and injury, improve range of motion, and enhance performance. In self-care students will learn injury prevention and ergonomics strategies to protect their own health and safeguard their careers. In neuromuscular massage students will learn how to improve muscle function and reduce the pain response.
Each of these new classes will be also offered as continuing education. Check out our continuing education section on the website for upcoming classes or contact an admissions representative for more information.