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WellSpring Graduate Mary Mignano Inspires Massage Clients

WellSpring is proud to feature our graduates. Mary Mignano has been busy since she graduated from WellSpring’s massage therapy program. In the past, she’s worked as a massage therapist at Zen Massage in Olathe, Kan., but now she works at  Imagine Wholeness in Roeland Park, Kan., using the skills she learned at WellSpring to improve lives.



Mary Mignano, massage therapy graduate


Where do you see yourself in three, five and 10 years in terms of your career?


Right now I think I am just learning the ropes. Before too long I think I may want to open my own business. I would also like to get back to teaching again.


What changes do you predict in the massage field?


Well, with healthcare changing so much, I think massage is going to eventually become more popular and accepted as a part of prevention and wellness care.


What advice do you have for other grads and students?


Wellspring grads are prepared for this work. Be confident in what you have learned and be willing to learn more from the people you work with.


What motivates you, and in turn, your clients?


I am motivated by the relief of stress and pain in my clients. I want them to feel better when they leave my table, and I think that is also their motivation.


Name three things that you think every massage therapist or trainer needs in order to be successful.
I think they need a caring spirit, a sound knowledge of the human body and a willingness to continue to learn.