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Wellspring Introduces Associates Degree Program

Get your Associates Degree at Wellspring, the school that specializes in natural health and wellness. Enroll in the Integrative Massage and Wellness program and follow one of two education tracks to the career of your dreams. The foundation of the degree is the Massage Therapy Program where students receive hands-on training with plenty of experience out of the classroom. They also cover subjects like nutrition, stress management, self-care, business practices, and consulting skills. When their externship is complete, students will be able to take their certification exam and apply for a license in Missouri and individual cities in Kansas.
At this point they can continue on with the degree program with either Advanced Massage Studies or Personal Training and Nutrition. Each career track includes and Associates in Occupational Sciences, a national certification or licensing exam, and Corrective Exercise specialization.
Advanced Massage includes medical massage, hospital massage, oncology massage, and corrective exercise training. Students will also learn Eastern modalities and spa treatments, including energy balancing, Eastern bodywork techniques, movement modalities, and craniosacral. Once complete, students can be certified in Medical Massage.
Personal Training and Nutrition includes an Intro to Fitness Training, Exercise Science Basics, program design, fitness center operations, counseling strategies, fitness nutrition, corporate wellness, corrective exercise, training special populations, and business practices. Once complete, students can certify as Personal Trainers. 
Don’t wait to do what you love! Take the next step on the path to a career in a field you care about by contacting an admissions representative for more information.