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WellSpring School of Allied Health Achieves Historic Enrollments

WellSpring students, alumni and staff have something to celebrate this season besides the holidays. Our enrollments for the fall semester reached an all-time high since WellSpring was founded in 1988! This means more students are choosing WellSpring than ever because of its exclusive focus on health and fitness careers and healthier lifestyles in general.
Don Farquharson, president of WellSpring, said, “Our fall enrollment is higher than ever before. This is exciting news for the school and staff, but we have our students and alumni alumni to thank because over 25 percent of these new enrollments came from referrals by students and graduates of the school. We’d like to thank everyone for all of your outstanding work and look forward to another fantastic semester.”
Next semester, students and graduates can also look forward to the launch of our new nutrition and wellness coaching program, which can be taken by itself or, in the not-so-distant future, combined with the personal training program for an associate’s degree.