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You WILL Know Your Stuff When You Leave Here!

In 1997, my adventure begins with a move to the Kansas City metro area from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The Mid-West was a pretty big change for our family.

I was a dental assistant before our move here and didn’t want to work yet because the move was so hard on the kids. After a few years I got a job working retail as an assistant manager at Godiva and ending up as manager at Naturalizer Shoe Store. It wasn’t more than 2 years managing that store when I had a pretty big light bulb moment. “Is this REALLY what I want to do???”

I left the retail insanity and started my own business as a Notary Signing Agent closing mortgage loans. I could work when I wanted, take vacation when I wanted, and on my office days, I didn’t even have to get dressed! Business was great and the income wasn’t bad either.

As the economy changed, business began to slow substantially. The stress of working with banks and lending institutions became at times mind boggling. The people I came in contact with were often frustrated at the “fine print” of their loans. By the time I came into the picture, I was the first human being they had contact with. Sometime, the first contact experience was not always a pleasant one.

After 7 years of seeing people questioning their decisions on what to do with their homes to survive the economy and sometimes not fully understanding the consequences of their loans, I needed a change. I didn’t want to go back into dental assisting because I wanted my freedom to work when I wanted. I’d had 7 years of choosing my own hours and I wasn’t about to give that power to someone else.

A friend asked me if I had ever thought of going into massage. My first response was, “I don’t like to touch people that much. So no.” She encouraged me to think about it and asked me if I was interested in Lomi Lomi. What in the world is Lomi Lomi?? I enrolled in the course to find out and found myself and my life changing. The feel of touch was amazing to me. To have someone come in feeling heavy and burdened with life then leaving feeling uplifted, lighter and ready to face their life was unexplainable. I just felt empowered!

In this Lomi class I met someone who had the weight of the world on her. She and I became good friends and through our Lomi experience together, we decided it would be fun to get into massage school together. She and I both explored our options, schedules, schools, and both came to the conclusion that WellSpring was the place to be. WellSpring offered what I believed was a beautiful addition to my acquired Lomi skills. My friend started in August of 2010 and I started in March of 2011.

The experience here at WellSpring has been enlightening and rewarding. It has stretched me more than I thought was possible. The program is intense and I can say to anyone who asks, “You WILL know your stuff when you leave here!!”

I am grateful every day for being able to learn and expand my knowledge of the human body. To understand how it works and how to help keep it all in balance as best as possible. Thank you to all the teachers I’ve had so far for sharing your years of experience!