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Massage Therapy Training Institute (MTTI) Changes Its Name to WellSpring School of Allied Health

Have you heard? MTTI is rebranding itself to WellSpring School of Allied Health!

So what’s behind the change?

“The change is a reflection of the broader mission of the school,” says Don Farquharson, the company’s CEO, “which extends beyond massage therapy, to embrace career education for all allied health disciplines, including personal fitness training, medical assisting, nurse assisting and nutrition counseling.”

Renaming the school to WellSpring School of Allied Health was a natural progression, says Farquharson.

“Over the course of the school’s history, we’ve diversified into being the leader in wellness education in the Midwest,” he says. “Massage therapy is still an important part of what we do here, but, today, it’s in conjunction with fitness training, community wellness classes and a larger slice of the total professions defined under the Allied Health field. The new name speaks to our future…to where we’re going.”

WellSpring will launch a new Medical Assisting Program in early 2011, as further evidence of this broader posture. Applications are now being accepted for this selective program that blends state-of-the-art clinical and office-operations training with a more integrative and human-centered approach to medicine.

“Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing professions in the health care field,” says Farquharson. “As medical delivery systems are transformed to reduce the cost of delivery and simultaneously accommodate millions of new patients who will be entering the system because of the new healthcare legislation, Medical Assistants will be in increasingly high demand to assume those front-line roles that will help extend the capabilities of the limited number of doctors and nurses that exist in the system today.”