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Celebrate National Health Care Center Week, August 12-18th

This week is National Health Care Center Week, so join Wellspring as we celebrate and honor these community-focused organizations.

What is a Health Care Center?
Health centers deliver care to some of our most vulnerable citizens. They provide services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay and are directed by a governing board of community organizations, such as non-profits or religious groups. Primarily serving the homeless, those who live in public housing, agricultural workers, veterans, and eligible schools, health care centers are a vital part of our national healthcare infrastructure. These health centers practice patient-centered care, often providing some of the most important and fundamental services that help people manage their health.

Why are we celebrating them?
Around 27 million Americans depend on a health center funded by the Human Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Without the services of the many people who work at such centers, those millions would be forced to rely on inefficient and expensive services, like emergency rooms, for primary health care. By virtue of their very existence, health centers have reduced the overall cost of care by giving patients access to preventive, primary care. This means a smaller burden on costly emergency services and the economy as a whole. The people who work at these centers are true heroes; they fulfill a higher sense of purpose by serving their communities and fellow humans.

How can I join the celebration?
To celebrate health care centers around the country, the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Health Center Advocacy Network will host events, such as health fairs, community breakfasts, and patient appreciation events. These events occur throughout the country for the rest of the month of August.

So, celebrate national health center week by thanking one of these heroes—or by becoming one yourself! Wellspring’s healthcare career training programs could help put you on the path. Health centers, like all other health and medical organizations, require medical assistants and clinical office managers whose support services are essential to the function of any medical provider.

How does Wellspring support our communities?
When our students graduate, they enter the workforce with a desire to help people and strengthen their communities. Wellspring believes in supporting our community, and we’re proud that our graduates want to do the same. We partner with business and organizations that invest in our communities. Truman Medical Centers, for example, provides many community outreach opportunities. Our students also serve community members as they hone their skills. Massage therapy students, for instance, offer 55 and 90 minute massages at reduced prices for the Massage Student Clinics in Kansas City, Lawrence, and Springfield. Clients praise the students as professional and the massages as among the best they’ve had. At Wellspring, natural health and wellness is our total focus, and we want to be a part of your journey. To learn more about our health care career programs, visit our website or call us at 866-443-9140 today!