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Does Your Company Have a Health and Wellness Program?

More companies are realizing the benefits of having healthy employees.  Even during the tough economy that we’ve had the last several years, most health and wellness programs survived.  It’s easy to see why as studies have shown medical costs associated with employee absenteeism are reduced by $2 to $3 for every $1 spent on health and wellness programs.  The reasoning for this?  Healthy people new fewer healthcare services, do not miss work as much and are more productive when they are at work.  On average, annual health care costs are $2,000 higher for smokers than non-smokers, $1,400 more for those who are obese compared to those that are at a healthy weight and $6,600 more for people with diabetes than those without the disease.
Business with certain types of health and wellness programs*:
  • Health screening programs: 42%
  • Health and lifestyle coaching: 37%
  • Smoking cessation: 36%
  • Subsidies or reimbursements for fitness center memberships: 30%
  • Weight-loss programs: 30%
  • On-site fitness centers: 24%
  • Nutritional counseling: 17%
  • On-site fitness classes: 16%
  • Stress-reductions programs: 12%
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         * Source: The Society for Human Resources Management’s 2011 Employee Benefits report.