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National Relaxation Day Health Tips

As busy as life gets, it’s important to take time for yourself in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. August 15 is National Relaxation Day and it seems like the perfect time to discuss the health benefits of relaxation. There are no set guidelines for how much relaxation a person should integrate into their schedule, but making time for some “R&R” is considered an essential part of maintaining good health.


Deep Relaxation

While most people have their own methods of relaxing, deep relaxation has proven health benefits. Deep relaxation, such as meditation, relieves stress and anxiety when practiced regularly. In fact, deep relaxation has many other potential benefits as well—it can decrease blood pressure, relieve pain and improve your immune and cardiovascular systems, according to Mental Health America.



Another important element of relaxation, is creating time for enjoyment. Laughter has been shown to lower pain levels and promote muscle relaxation, which in turn decreases anxiety. Stress and tension can be symptoms of too little relaxation. Many unwanted health issues are caused by long-term stress. Some of these issues include chest pain, anxiety and headaches.



Exercise has many health benefits similar to relaxation. Regular exercise can benefit almost all areas of a person’s health. Not only does exercise help control weight, it also improves mental health, mood, chances of living longer, and the strength of your bones and muscles.


Adults and children require different amounts of exercise. For a child, an hour a day of physical activity will suffice. Adults need two and a half hours each week. If you fail to get enough exercise you increase your risks of health issues. These issues could include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.


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