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WellSpring Announces New Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Program

We’re proud to announce the introduction of our new Nutrition & Wellness Coaching program. Our first offering of the program, a state-of-the-art coaching model that was pioneered by the National Association for Fitness Certifications (NAFC), will be available to students in the evenings beginning Feb. 4, 2014.

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In addition to a double certification from NAFC as both a nutrition coach and a wellness coach, you’ll obtain a new set of skills to combine with your personal training or massage therapy diploma. This will allow you to be more versatile in what you offer to your clients.


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The Nutrition & Wellness Coaching program is well-rounded and immersive in a whole new level. Students will take nutrition-focused classes such as:


  • Nutrition Through the Lifecycle
  • Alternative Nutrition
  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
  • Current Diet Trends


Since wellness coaching is a booming sector in the fitness industry, students will take fitness-centered classes like Stress Management, Weight Management & Metabolism and a class in behavioral changes.