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WellSpring Announces New Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Program

We’re proud to announce the introduction of our new Nutrition & Wellness Coaching program. Our first offering of the program, a state-of-the-art coaching model that was pioneered by the National Association for Fitness Certifications (NAFC), will be available to students in the evenings beginning Feb. 4, 2014.

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In addition to a double certification from NAFC as both a nutrition coach and a wellness coach, you’ll obtain a new set of skills to combine with your personal training or massage therapy diploma. This will allow you to be more versatile in what you offer to your clients.


According to Tracy Moeller, director of  WellSpring’s School of Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness, “The fitness industry has undergone a steady evolution and fitness professionals have realized they only spend several hours a week with their clients. As a result, it’s all the more important to educate clients on what to do while they are going about their daily lives. Consistent good habits are crucial in creating client success.”


Moeller added, “The solution is for fitness professionals to expand beyond fitness training and become broader spectrum coaches. The Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Program was designed with this dynamic in mind. Students will greatly enhance their knowledge and application of nutrition and wellness coaching, learning how to help clients uncover what drives their behavior and how to make positive, lasting changes.”

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The Nutrition & Wellness Coaching program is well-rounded and immersive in a whole new level. Students will take nutrition-focused classes such as:


  • Nutrition Through the Lifecycle
  • Alternative Nutrition
  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
  • Current Diet Trends


Since wellness coaching is a booming sector in the fitness industry, students will take fitness-centered classes like Stress Management, Weight Management & Metabolism and a class in behavioral changes.


According to Moeller, the program prepares graduates to work in a variety of settings, such as wellness centers, school health systems, large companies with wellness programs, fitness centers, or students can even create their own business. A graduate’s salary will vary widely based on the profession they choose, but with this kind of training, they can expect to make between $25,000 – $45,000 per year.