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Just Get Going

 Are you thinking about becoming more active but haven’t begun yet? You may be over thinking it.  While some people like working out at a gym, lifting weights, or taking aerobics classes, those types of activities aren’t for everyone and may discourage those who are just beginning a new routine. Here are some ideas to get you moving and keep you inspired. 
Start with what you enjoy and exercise won’t feel like a chore. Run, dance to the radio, take up martial arts, take a stroll on your lunch break, swim, or go bowling (but skip the nachos and beer!). Just do something that is fun for you and it won’t feel like work.
Listen to your body instead of looking for instantaneous results. Notice the quality of your sleep, the way your daily activities become easier as the weeks go by, your improved ability to respond to stress, the extra bit of wiggle room in your clothes. Those are the first benefits of becoming more active, not rapid weight loss.
Be flexible. There’s no law that says your exercise must happen in 30 minute or hour long blocks. Snatch 10 minutes at a time a few times a day. It will add up.
Don’t worry about money. You don’t need a gym membership, special clothes, or fancy equipment to begin. Walk in the park, borrow exercise videos from the library, or lift your baby a few extra times. Later you may decide to do an activity requiring money, like taking a class or hiring a personal trainer, but don’t let money stop you initially.
When you’re developing new habits the important thing to remember is to start simple; but start.