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New Program: Phlebotomy

As a Nationally Registered Phlebotomy Technician, you will be able to provide a variety of critical services including capillary and venous blood tests, glucose monitoring, blood typing, specimen collection preparation & processing, as well as cholesterol testing, urinalysis, and more!  Another benefit of being a certified phlebotomy technician is the growing demand for employees with this certification. According to the Dept. of Labor, the national employment rates for medical and clinical lab technicians will increase approximately 30% by 2022!


As you progress through the career field into higher paying areas of employment, certification becomes a must have. As a phlebotomy student at WellSpring, you will receive the hands-on instruction inside of a classroom as well as the medical laboratory.  In WellSpring’s 8-week Phlebotomy program, not only will you gain certification, but as part of our program’s externship, you will also gain experience working directly with medical professionals and patients at the externship facility.

Find out more about WellSpring’s Phlebotomy Program.