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The Importance of Personal Development: Video Interview with Nutrition Student Emiah Edwards

For students, the debate between studying what they love versus the ability to find a job will always be at the forefront of their college choice. At WellSpring, students can follow their passion, continue to grow as a person and be prepared for a successful career.

An article from collegeatlas.org illustrates just how important college is to the personal development of students. The article states that 76 percent of students say going to college increases self-confidence; 89 percent say college promotes values and ethical standards; and 95 percent of students see an increase in self-knowledge. While these benefits aren’t something that can be seen with a written exam, the personal development and growth they provide is invaluable to students in their future careers.

For Emiah Edwards, a nutrition student at WellSpring, deep personal growth wasn’t what she expected when she enrolled in classes. Edwards said, “I really just wanted to study what I was passionate about. Surprisingly, coming here, and the things that I learned and the skills that I started to develop in classes, I actually started to change myself. I feel that I’ve become a better person since coming to this school.”

Recent findings from the Pew Research Center indicate that nearly 50 percent of college graduates believe that the main purpose of college should be personal and intellectual growth, rather than training for specific skills. This number only reinforces that while students need to be prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation, their personal growth is just as important.

At WellSpring School of Allied Health, students are given the best of both worlds. Our holistic approach to education gives students the opportunity to live, learn and grow in both their academic and personal lives. In addition to personal development, WellSpring features an 85 percent placement rate after graduation which shows that graduates are consistently well-prepared for their future careers. That ability to help enhance students’ personal development and provide a high-quality education creates a value that truly sets WellSpring apart in the Kansas City area.

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