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Featured Graduate: Erick McEnaney Endorses WellSpring

Finding the right school can be tough, especially with so many factors affecting your decision. Our featured graduate, Erick McEnaney, knows this all too well.

McEnaney said, “I did attend several other schools for interviews. But I felt that when I came to WellSpring, that the atmosphere, it was like my own atmosphere. It was very much like coming home.
Watch his video testimonial.

At WellSpring, McEnaney found
attentive instructors and the hands-on mentoring that students need to really succeed in their careers.

“My experience with the staff was really wonderful,” McEnaney added. “I enjoyed not just the conversations I was able to have with the instructors and with the faculty, but the friendships I was able to build while I was here.
I would absolutely recommend family members and friends to pursue a career in numerous areas in the allied health field with WellSpring. The experiences that I’ve had and the training that I received here at WellSpring has been extremely beneficial and I’m actually looking forward to continuing to work with them.”

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