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Happy Trails

With Spring on the way, a lot of people will be traveling which often leads to an over-abundance of fatty foods and little to no exercise. Here are some tips to help you get through your travels without having to buy a new wardrobe when you get home!

  • While driving, stop at well-known convenience stores along the way. One of our favorites is Quik Trip, with branches located around much of the Midwest. You can easily grab a protein bar, apple, jerky or one of the great turkey sandwiches they offer. Not to mention the clean restrooms and friendly clerks!
  • Jerrod did it and so can you – make your stop at Subway. They have a great selection of subs that are low on fat and high on nutrition. Don’t forget to load up on the veggies and grab some baked Lays while you’re there.
  • Let’s not forget breakfast. Some oatmeal from McDonald’s is a healthy choice or an Egg McMuffin, sans the cheese. And if you need to feed a caffeine addiction, you can get a skinny latte and oatmeal at Starbucks, without blowing your whole day.
  • Explore! Plan enough time in your travel to stop along the way and walk the local shops or trails. It’s a great way to make your trip more interesting and squeeze in some exercise..
  • Exercise bands, if you haven’t tried them yet, do. They are one of the most portable exercise tools and fit into a travel bag with ease.
  • So many hotels now have fitness centers. No excuses, use it! Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit too, Some laps in the pool would do the body (and mind) good.

Just a few ideas, happy travels!