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Inspire Fun and Fitness

When one finds themselves a parent, a life of fitness is most likely high on the list of priorities. One must be healthy and lead by example if they want their children to grow up to be all they can be. In fact, anyone can inspire a child to live a life of health and fitness. As a coach, you lead. As an aunt, you nurture. As a teacher, you shape. As a neighbor, you play. Anyone and everyone can make an impact on a child’s life.

What can you do? Go ahead, create some amazing memories. Play ball, get out the skates, go to the park (and forget the sugar doughnuts and soda at the store). Think about it, what one thing can you do this week to show a child the joys of fun and fitness? We challenge you to inspire a little one this week and share it with us. Who knows, you might just inspire yourself in the process!