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Never Too Old to Workout or Train

Here at MTTI-WellSpring, we have a number of students who inquire about our Fitness Training and Wellness Program. Some of these students are older and are concerned about what career options will available for them as Baby Boomers (especially in an industry and society that is very image and youth driven). We always tell these students that from our experience and conversations with club owners, older personal trainers actually do really well because many older clients don’t feel comfortable training with a 20-year-old who may not understand them as well.

And now we have research proof to back that statement up even further. According to a recent survey by AARP, more than 57 percent of seniors and elderly desire professional training instruction to assure they perform exercises correctly and avoid injuries, which become harder to recover from as one gets older. In addition, there are whole fitness facility franchises that are designed to train the older adult, and employ older trainers.