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Pay It Forward

While watching recent graduates move onto a life they have dreamed of, we had a thought. What if everyone out there was living their dream. Their dream of a better life, in a career they will love. And think about the security they will feel with an education under their belt. What drives some to follow their dreams? What makes one person take the leap and the other stay in the same, unhappy place in their life? Fear? Motivation? Or the support they need from a friend or loved one?

So, if you are one of the lucky ones in life, are you paying it forward? Are you helping those around you fulfill their dreams too? Have you told them how you feel and that anything is possible? Because it is and you are the proof. Reach out and help a friend, a sister or brother, or a co-worker. You will be rewarded as much as they are!

“There is no such thing as can’t.” Christopher Reeve