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Tracy Moeller Promoted To Director of Education

Earlier this year, Tracy Moeller was promoted to director of education at WellSpring School of Allied Health. She chatted with us about what her promotion means, some of the health and wellness trends she sees and more, plus she shared some of her advice for WellSpring students.
Tracy Moeller
Moeller has her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in exercise and wellness from Arizona State University. She said that her love of teaching started in grad school as a TA. During her time in Phoenix, she was the general manager of a large-scale fitness center, served as the director of its nutrition program and did personal training for the company.

Check out her Q&A below!

As education director, what are some goals you have for WellSpring, its programs, staff and students?
We have a common goal to be the elite career school in the Kansas City area. I would like to focus on helping the staff implement innovative ways of delivering material in the classroom. This will help keep the students involved and excited. I have a goal to help introduce new programs to the school and industry. There are holes in the wellness field that need to be filled, and we have the capability to develop and supply the necessary training. Since the majority of our instructors are part-time, I would like to help them to network and grow their own businesses. Networking is now a part of each program at WellSpring and we are offering seminars on this very topic at least twice a year.
How do you hope to inspire students and staff with your new position?
Since WellSpring incorporates both wellness and medical programs, I would like promote a relationship between the two. Exercise As Medicine and Nutrition As Medicine are movements that encourage people to use physical activity and diet as disease prevention mechanisms. I want to get students moving in any way, to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.
What changes, if any, do you predict in the health and wellness education field?
With our aging population, I see more emphasis put on disease prevention. Wellness centers are a great option for this. They encompass a full-circle approach to health: massage, personal training/exercise, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. I also see the possibility of partnerships between personal trainers and physicians.  The Exercise As Medicine and Nutrition As Medicine programs are focused on bridging this gap.
What motivates you?
Seeing the light bulb go off in a student’s eyes when they grasp a new concept is the best. That motivates me – making a difference in someone else’s life, helping them see that they are capable of achieving their dream career.
What is some advice you have for WellSpring students?
Act as if you are already a professional in the field.  Stick with it and be positive!