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Where Do Phlebotomists Work?

Students learning how to properly draw blood.
At Wellspring School of Allied Health, students practice blood draws on each other for hands-on experience

Because phlebotomists are medical specialists, working only on drawing blood, it may sound like a small career field. However, their skills are needed in many different environments. That is part of the reason why the demand for qualified phlebotomists is growing quickly – with a 25% increase in need for their services between 2014 and 2024*. Here are some of the places where phlebotomists work.


A modern hospital is a very complex facility. While nurses know how to do blood draws, there is often enough demand for someone to work in phlebotomy full-time. For instance, in maternity hospitals, a phlebotomist could work full-time on newborn blood draws. More likely, however, a hospital will present many different situations that require your expertise, and could open you up to a wide variety of medical contexts. This is a great place to acquire a great deal of experience working with a wide variety of patients.

Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories

In a medical lab, the environment may seem more routine and predictable as patients come to you for their blood work. In this environment, you may be the only person that the patient interacts with, so your chairside manner really counts. You will also take care of both the blood draws and labelling, and the paperwork.

Blood Donor Clinics

Blood donation centers can be permanent, in which case the environment is much like one would find at at medical lab; alternately, they can be mobile, visiting workplaces, universities, military bases and the like. If you like a constantly changing environment, interacting with the public, this could be a good position for you.

Doctors’ Offices

Less than 10% of phlebotomists work in physicians’ offices, but in specialist offices such as hematologists’ or oncologist’s offices, a designated hematologist would be a welcome addition to the medical team.

Train as a Phlebotomist

WellSpring School of Allied health is a career-focused institution that believes in caring for the whole person. If you are a healthcare professional who wants to add phlebotomy to your skill-set, or if you’re on a waitlist for medical training and want to begin getting experience now, contact us. WellSpring’s 8-week program will teach you proper techniques, documentation, anti-infection methods, and patient care skills. Your preparation will help you feel confident to begin, or continue, your healthcare career.

*figures from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor.