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What Are Medical Assistants’ Duties?

medical assistant duties
Medical assistants have the opportunity to learn many hands-on clinical procedures, including blood pressure readings

Medical assistant duties include both clinical AND administrative tasks to provide a broad range of skill-sets to your [potential] employer. Just because you have your certification as a medical assistant doesn’t necessarily mean that you will perform all of these duties on a daily basis. In most settings, there will be multiple medical assistants working in the same facility to help balance out the workload.

On the clinical side you will do a variety of things such as:

  • setting up for procedures
  • assisting doctors in minor surgeries
  • gathering and updating patient health history
  • patient assessment and care
  • injections
  • EKG
  • urinalysis
  • glucose monitoring
  • blood typing

On the administrative side, you will learn how to handle insurance, billing, co-pays and deductibles as well as patient charts, scheduling appointments and answering phones.

Medical Assistant Duties are Varied and Broad

In a typical day, medical assistant duties consist of multiple activities, which can be a plus for anyone who dislikes doing the same thing all day. This is also good for people who love to learn and be in a constant state of growth.

WellSpring’s Medical Assisting certification program offers a triple-certification to ensure that you have all of the skills you need to jump right into a medical assisting career. WellSpring’s 10-month course, will prepare you to start working immediately as a medical assistant.

Alongside the triple-certification, WellSpring provides free career placement assistance for as long as your certification is valid.

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