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The Benefits of Working with Personal Trainers in Recognition of Physical Fitness & Sports Month

In recognition of Physical Fitness and Sports Month, we are spotlighting WellSpring’s Fitness & Nutrition Program and why regular physical activity is good for anyone’s health, regardless of age. By working with a fitness trainer, physical exercise can help lower your weight, reduce your risk for heart and other diseases, and improve your overall mental health.

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults over the age of 18 don’t get nearly enough physical exercise. The percent who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity is 49 percent. Those that met the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity is just 20.9 percent.

It may seem like a challenge, fitting regular exercise into your day, but even starting small, 10 minutes a day, is enough and can help to establish a routine of physical fitness. Fitness trainers work to help their clients set healthy goals and stay focused on accomplishing them. Additionally, small changes in your regular routine can make a big difference according to HealthFinder.gov. Take the stairs at work, or go for a daily family walk or bike ride after dinner.

At WellSpring, the Fitness & Nutrition Program teaches students general wellness and other longevity enhancement practices, the basics of exercise science, anatomy and biomechanics, fitness training and thoroughly prepares students to take the two tests for NASM certification, all culminating in an AOS degree. Plus, no other school in the area offers as much real world experience and hands on-training as WellSpring.

Developing the Habit

According to FamilyDoctor.org, while many experts have different theories on the best way to promote a healthier lifestyle, developing good fitness habits is the best place to start.

One reason often cited for “failed” fitness plans is the lack of routine or not enough time. But there are steps you can take to help develop the habit.

Stick to a regular time every day and put it on your calendar. Keep a daily log. Write down your goals and the benefits of exercise and post it as a reminder somewhere you’ll see it.

Think about what motivates you. Are you goal-oriented? Do self-rewards keep you motivated?

Working out with a partner may help you both stay committed to the routine. By varying your exercise routine and picking activities you enjoy, you can more easily develop the fitness habit.

The site Mind Body Green has some more tips like these to help you get into a fitness habit.

Where to Start

The first thing we recommend is to ask your doctor what kind of physical activity or fitness program is right for you. Make sure that you are physically healthy enough to start a program.

Fitness & Nutrition Career Training Programs at WellSpring

At WellSpring, students learn how to create personalized fitness programs that give them the opportunity to take the next step in their careers.  Our Fitness & Nutrition program is truly comprehensive training regimen. The element of nutrition is essential to any fitness or body shaping program, as they say: “You cannot out exercise your fork.”  If you’re a person who’s willing to invest the time and money to get thorough, hands-on training, by expert instructors and not someone who wants a quickie, online certification in a few weeks, this this program is the one for you! Join the WellSpring family. Apply today!