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Tracie Burke, Owner Of TITLE® Boxing Club – Parkville: Featured WellSpring Graduate

Graduates of WellSpring School of Allied Health programs have a diverse range of career opportunities when they leave the school, and it’s great to be able to catch up with them and see how they’re doing.


WellSpring got in touch with Tracie Burke, graduate and owner of TITLE ® Boxing Club in Parkville, Mo. to discuss how her education and training prepared her for a career in personal training. While personal training and nutrition have always been a hobby, Tracie finally decided to make them a career after 20 years working in corporate America.


When asked about her reasons for choosing WellSpring Allied Health, Tracie said, “I had heard from several people that it was a great program and I knew I could be NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified with them. Just being certified gives you the confidence and clients respect your opinion knowing you have studied personal training and nutrition.”


For Tracie, the most enjoyable and helpful parts of WellSpring’s programs were hearing from instructors who combined their own personal training careers while teaching students.


Tracie advises personal trainers to “map out your workout ahead of time for all of your clients.” and that if fitness is your passion, then you should definitely pursue a career in nutrition and personal training.


Thanks so much to Tracie for taking the time to chat with WellSpring, and if you’re in Parkville, check out TITLE ® Boxing Club.