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Virtual Versus Reality: Why Personal Trainers Are Better Than Fitness Trackers

Trainer spotting while a client lifts weights.

Almost everyone has seen people walking around with gadgets like fitbits, Apple watches and everything in between. Needless to say, the obsession with them and the information they provide us with is real.

They provide us with how many steps we’ve taken, how many miles we’ve walked, our heart rate, activity logger and even the calories we’ve burned. We spend hours watching those numbers rise over the course of the day, watching to see if we hit our goals or not. Some of us go as far as going on that extra walk or putting in an extra hour at the gym.

But have you ever thought that those numbers may actually be deceiving you?

A recent Stanford University School of Medicine study provided data supporting that the number of calories burned by your fitness tracker could have a large margin of error.

So now we propose the question to you: Do you continue using your fitness tracker to tell you how long or how hard you should be working out, or do you go back to using the personal trainer you had about five years ago?

While you’re pondering that thought, here are a few reasons why a personal trainer is actually more reliable than your nifty fitness tracker, according to the American Council of Exercise.


A personal trainer it holds you accountable and gives you motivation to exercise and be healthy. Seriously, paying someone to make a workout and coach you through a workout is probably the one of the best, if not the best way to ensure you hit the gym. A personal trainer is also not going to let you stop before you finish a workout.


When working with a personal trainer, it gives you a foundation for consistency. You have a consistent schedule to follow. The workouts are probably varied in routines and intensity, but the consistency long term is definitely there.


The whole fitness realm is very complex. There is a lot of information and workouts to understand and learn. It can be overwhelming to learn it alone. A personal trainer is already educated in these areas and can teach you and give you proper information.


A personal trainer, at first, is probably going to be tough. But there is nothing like the feeling you get when your trainer provides you with extra encouragement. This is a huge confidence boost and will help you continue exercising regularly.

Injury Prevention

Lastly, a personal trainer can help you avoid injury and correct your form. An injury will definitely sideline you for possibly several weeks.

Let’s be honest, fitness trackers are good for tracking distances traveled, but that is about it. There is no specialized or personalized component to the devices, making it impossible for them to accurately track your fitness progress.

There is absolutely nothing that compares to one-on-one attention a personal trainer provides their clients. In the end, you will not only stop wasting your days worrying about the numbers accumulating on your device, but you will probably reach your fitness goals faster.

Our Wellspring Trainers

At WellSpring, we ensure our personal training students receive the proper instruction and attention; this ensures that they’ll be able to provide accurate and reliable information when working with clients. More importantly, our students also learn how to create personalized fitness programs that get the results. Join the WellSpring family. Apply today!