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Instructors Who Care: Video Interview with Medical Assisting Student Tiara Cage

At many schools, instructors teach large classes and don’t take the time to get to know each individual student. WellSpring School of Allied Health takes pride in having small class sizes and caring, devoted instructors.

An article from CBS News found that graduates are 1.9 times more likely to say their education was worth the cost if they felt that their professors actually cared about them as a person. This is in direct contrast to how most students believe their professors feel about them. According to a 2016 poll from Gallup, only 24 percent of students strongly agreed that their professors encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams. At WellSpring, our professors truly care about students and are involved in many aspects of their lives.

For Tiara Cage, a medical assisting student, her best memories at WellSpring have come from working with her instructors. Cage said, “My favorite memory so far is actually my instructor, miss Anya. You can relate to her in so many ways and share good stories. She gives you the knowledge that you need to know. When it comes to injections, phlebotomy, anything you need to know, she’ll give it to you.”

Watch her interview here.


These caring instructors make sure that students are prepared and have the skills to be successful in their internships/externships and careers. Jobs and internship/externships during school give students the ability to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to a real-world setting. That said, the same Gallup report from 2016 found that only 55 percent of students obtained a job or internship last year. At WellSpring, each student performs an externship before they graduate, allowing them to become confident in their skillset once they enter the workforce.

At WellSpring, students can receive a certificate in phlebotomy in as little as eight weeks* and can become a certified medical assistant in only 16 months*! WellSpring graduates also have a certification exam passage rate of over 90 percent! With dedicated instructors who truly care about their students, WellSpring provides a top-quality educational experience.

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*program lengths when completed in normal time