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Student Spotlight: Video Interview With Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Student Allan Miller

It’s typically a long, complicated process when students are trying to decide where they want to attend school. Allan Miller, a fitness and nutrition coaching student at WellSpring, didn’t have to worry about anything of the sort. In just one visit, Miller found himself enrolled and ready to start following his dreams.

A recent article from Forbes found that some prospective students are applying to as many as 40 post-secondary educational institutions. While that’s not as common when applying to technical schools, students still have to deal with long application processes and waiting to hear about their acceptance status.
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WellSpring’s streamlined application process makes it simple to get enrolled and start learning right away at the school. Miller explained, “It was very easy. I made one appointment to come talk and just see what it was about. I ended up leaving about an hour later – enrolled.”  

Watch interview here!

The enrollment process aside, there are many other features that prospective students need to keep in mind when shopping a school that fits their needs. The Federal Trade Commission stresses the importance of an accredited school that features high placement rates and qualified instructors.

WellSpring School of Allied Health is fully accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and has affiliations with both the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

WellSpring’s affiliations have helped lead to the school’s incredibly high certification pass rates. Fitness and nutrition students pass their certification exams at a rate of 85 percent, medical assisting students to pass at a rate of over 90 percent and massage students pass 92 percent of the time! WellSpring’s faculty also bring years of experience in each medical specialty. With small class sizes, WellSpring’s experienced instructors are able to provide a personalized, in-depth learning environment that gives students a great chance to succeed.