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Former Man of the Year for the World Health Organization Speaks at MTTI-WellSpring

Students enrolled in the daytime 750-hour Massage Therapy Program at the Kansas City campus of MTTI-WellSpring got quite the surprise today. Instructor Amy Messer brought in world renowned Dr. Richard Yennie (shown on left) as a guest speaker in her Eastern Class.

Dr. Yennie is probably best known as one of the first non-Asians in the modern era to bring acupuncture to the United States and the first to combine acupuncture and chiropractic in a healing arts practice. He also founded the Acupuncture Society of America (ASA) in 1968. The ASA provides post-graduate acupuncture certification courses, taught by Dr. Yennie and an international faculty.

Across the board, students in the class were all very excited to have Dr. Yennie in the class and found his presentation to be fascinating.