The Importance of Diversity: Video Interview with Massage Therapy Student Mariah Thompson

Healthcare careers are based around helping all different kinds of people. By receiving an education at an institution that encourages and celebrates diversity, students gain valuable experience and exposure to people from a variety of backgrounds. At WellSpring, students from all walks of life come together and learn about subjects they’re all passionate about.  …

Student Spotlight: Video Interview With Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Student Allan Miller

Student Spotlight

It’s typically a long, complicated process when students are trying to decide where they want to attend school. Allan Miller, a fitness and nutrition coaching student at WellSpring, didn’t have to worry about anything of the sort. In just one visit, Miller found himself enrolled and ready to start following his dreams.   A recent…

Video Interview With WellSpring Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program Manager Jenny Shults

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program

When prospective students are looking to make a career change, it’s important to receive an education that truly prepares them for success after graduation. Students don’t want to enroll at a school that just takes their money or that has unattentive instructors. At WellSpring, students will find exactly what they are looking for with small…

The WellSpring Difference: Video Interview With Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Student Emily Fitzsimmons

The WellSpring Difference

Emily Fitzsimmons, a fitness and nutrition coaching student at WellSpring, needed a change in her life. She wasn’t happy with her career path and knew that she wanted to do something that she was passionate about in life. At WellSpring, Emily found accredited programs with exceptional instructors, hands-on learning, and small, attentive class sizes. Watch…

Behind the Scenes Video Interview with Tina Pulley, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Instructor at Wellspring School of Allied Health

Nutrition & Personal Training Instructor

For Tina Pulley, a fitness and nutrition coaching instructor at WellSpring School of Allied Health, education isn’t exclusive to the classroom. Health and wellness are incorporated in all aspects of people’s everyday lives. A school that provides in-depth understanding and the ability to apply that knowledge outside the academic setting is what sets WellSpring apart….